Connecticut Wants to Launch its Sportsbook Industry by October

Connecticut Wants to Launch its Sportsbook Industry by October

In the latest in gambling and sports betting news, we’ll take a look at another US state that aims to launch a sports betting market soon. Connecticut wants to launch its sportsbook industry by October, after securing approval from the U.S. Department of the Interior. The Bureau of Indian affairs of the Department has approved of the proposed revisions to Connecticut gaming compacts.

Governor Ned Lamont has signed a new online gaming and sports betting bill in May of this year. Many PPH service providers are seeing an increase in having new sportsbooks opening up across multiple markets this year. And given how there are many online solutions for sportsbooks, its become easier to create sportsbooks and manage them virtually.

Connecticut Sportsbook Industry

Connecticut Wants to Launch its Sportsbook Industry by OctoberNow that there is approval, plus approved regulations set forth by the Connecticut General Assembly’s Regulation Review Committee, the state is now closer to offering sports betting to their residents. Currently, the state will now start accepting licensing applications. Following this, they will review the applications. This is to ensure that they can properly certify the gaming platforms that local sportsbooks will use.

The timeline of the state is to ensure that online gambling and sports betting will be available to Connecticut residents by October, which is a few weeks away. However, it is worth noting, that unlike a sportsbook pay per head for agents, Connecticut will have limitations. There will only be three sports betting platforms that the state will allow to operate. While this development does bring Connecticut to the latest trends in sports betting, the limited options may be a hindrance for locals who will be looking for more variety in their sports betting options.

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