What is a PPH Sportsbook

What is a PPH Sportsbook

What is a PPH Sportsbook and Its AdvantagesLast year, the global sports betting industry had a market size of $203 billion with almost 31,000 businesses. Furthermore, in the U.S., over 73% of the population are sports fans and will be worth $8 billion by 2025. Needless to say, sports wagering is a lucrative business and entrepreneurs are showing an interest in entering the betting market. One of the easiest ways to enter the sports gambling market is with a PPH Sportsbook but not everyone knows what it is. Today, we define What is a PPH Sportsbook and how to use it to open a sportsbook business.

First off, bookies who have done their research know that there are three main methods to open a sportsbook operation. The first is to start a sportsbook from scratch which means buying a turnkey sportsbook software or making one.

The second method is a white label sportsbook operation. This is where you actually become a subsidiary of an existing sportsbook. This is a method that is popular because you get the gambling software as well as the license. However, the cost is that you share profit and are in a way working for someone else.

The third option is the Pay Per Head Sportsbook solution.

What is a PPH Sportsbook and Its Advantages

So exactly what is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook? The simple definition of a PPH Sportsbook is an online sportsbook platform that bookies can use without buying it. It is also known as a Pay Per Head and a Price Per Player because you pay per active players. The price per player will vary from as low as $1 per player to as high as $25 per player.

However, a good PPH Service like the one by PricePerPlayer.com offers many features and advantages. For example, it includes the sports betting platform as well as several sportsbook websites your players can use. Of course, it is also possible to have your own tailor-made sportsbook website. The sportsbook platform also includes several gambling options for players. This includes: sports betting, live betting, prop bet generator, online casino, live dealer casino and a racebook.

In addition, part of the price will include a 24/7 customer service for the agent and the players. Furthermore, bookies get complete control over the sportsbook and their players from management to bonuses and limits.

Using a PPH Sportsbook has many advantages when opening a sportsbook operation. This is because it is very flexible in that you can turn your bookie operation into anything you want. For example, if you want to only offer sports betting, then you can disable the other gambling options.

The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to start when you use the PricePerPlayer.com PPH service.

Open a Sportsbook PPH account today with PricePerPlayer.com for $5 or less per Player!

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