Will it be Easy to Be a Bookie in Florida?

Will it be Easy to Be a Bookie in Florida?

Learning how to start a bookie business is hardly any different from any industry. One must come up with a business plan, and anticipate any requirements to be able to create your online sportsbook. In the US, each state has its own unique law and policy regarding their regulated sports betting market. Florida is now finally getting a bill on sports betting that residents will vote on. But many are wondering, will it be easy to be a bookie in Florida?

Judging from the terms of the bill, it will be quite the challenge for bookie operators to apply for licenses in Florida. In fact, many in the industry believe that the requirements are a bit steep for operators. Even though the intention is to ensure reliability and quality, it does limit the possible licensees. It also prevents newer and smaller providers the chance to operate in the state. Will there be space for those who are planning on becoming a bookie? Let’s find out.

Can You Be a Bookie in Florida?

Will it be Easy to Be a Bookie in Florida?The proposed 2022 constitutional amendment will first need voters to approve of this during the elections. But if it passes, the bill aims to allow mobile sports betting across the state at sports venues and other facilities. However, only operators who have been licensed in at least 10 other states for a minimum of one calendar year as well as Native American tribes with compacts with the state cab apply. This proposed amendment needs 60% approval from Florida voters.

The bill proposes to allow betting on professional, collegiate, amateur, international events, motor racing events and Olympic events. While this will eventually offer people the option to bet online in sports venues, there are a lot of existing platforms that are easily available to people. For instance, if you go through a sportsbook pay per head blog, you will read about the many online sportsbooks that offer the same products. However, these products are available for you to use anytime, anywhere you are. So, while yes, it may take a long time, and a lot of money for you to be a bookie in Florida, there are other, more affordable options that allow you to run your sportsbook across the world.


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