Spain had a difficult time scoring at the Euro 2020. In its first two games in Group E, the team scored only once. The good news is that Spain qualifies for Euro 2020 knockout stage with a bit of help from an unlikely scorer.

When Spain faced Slovakia, the former needed a win to qualify for the next round. According to PPH sportsbook reports, Spain found it hard to score until an own-goal from Slovakian goalie Martin Dubravka.

Dubravka, who plays for Newcastle United, had a good start. Earlier in the game, he blocked Alvaro Morata’s penalty kick. However, Spanish striker Pablo Sarabia intercepted Lubomir Satka’s clearance. He struck the ball and hit the bar. Dubravka wanted to redirect the ball over the bar. However, it went through the goal to his and the team’s dismay.

Spain Qualifies for Euro 2020 Knockout Stage

Sportsbook Reacts on How Spain Qualifies for Euro 2020 Knockout StageAccording to gambling software news, things became worse for the goalkeeper. Aymeric Laporte scored his first goal for the country to give Spain a 2-0 lead.

Morata’s missed penalty kick continued the trend in Euro 2020 for missed penalty kicks. According to statistics, Morata’s penalty was the 11th given in the tournament. Also, it was the sixth missed by the kickers.

Spain recovered its scoring ways after leading 2-0. Sarabia and Ferran Torres scored two more goals for the Spanish side. Also, a second own-goal gave Spain a 5-0 win against Slovakia. As a result, Spain finished second in the group.

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