Arizona bookie operations

Arizona Bookie Operations To Launch Alongside the NFL

Arizona bookie operations can start this year. However, the Arizona Department of Gaming announced that the target date will be later in the year. In fact, sports betting in Arizona will launch on the same day as the NFL Opens its season. This will be on September 9. This means that there is plenty of time for you to learn how to open a bookie operation.

Once you are done learning how to be a bookie agent, you can focus on learning about the different sports leagues you can offer to your players. For instance, Arizona will be making the Opening day of the NFL 2021 Season the same day that people can start placing their bets in the state. However, sports bettors in the state will not be able bet on their local NFL team. The Arizona Cardinals will open their 2021 campaign on the road in Nashville on September 12.

Arizona Bookie Operations

Arizona bookie operationsCurrently, there is still a lot to do in preparing for the opening of the sports betting market in the state. For instance, the draft rules for sports betting will be available for public comments starting June 14. This means that residents can look at the proposed rules and give their feedback. This will go on for a week and will end on June 21. After this, the state’s department of gaming will spend time to amend any needed changes to the rules and file them. This is why most in the industry are expecting that the process will end up with a September opening.

This is not bad, as Governor Doug Ducey only signed the sports betting legislation last April 15. The legislation will allow for 20 sports betting licenses available. Gaming tribes will get half, and the other can also go to professional sports teams in the state. Sports betting and daily fantasy sports or DFS will be legal, as will Keno games at some specified location. So far, this bill does not include online casino gaming, not even poker. So, if you want to learn about how you can earn money from this, here are some online bookie business tips. Half the year has already gone by, so you shouldn’t waste more time before getting started with your own bookie operation.


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