Fun Facts about Sports Betting and Bookies

Fun Facts about Sports Betting and Bookies

Fun Facts about Sports Betting and BookiesSports Betting is a fun and entertaining way for sports fans to add more action to a sporting event. This is because the thrill of personally winning or losing money makes the game more exciting. Unfortunately for gamblers, the fact is that on the long run, sportsbooks always win in the end. However, it does not mean that everyone is a loser and the bookie always has the last laugh. Thus, let’s take a look at some Fun Facts about Sports Betting and bookies to make today more interesting.

Winning Big on a Golf Future Bet – The biggest winning golf bet was an $85,000 bet for Tiger Woods to win the 2019 Masters. The best was made by James Adducci who made the wager with William Hill at 14/1 odds. Adducci won about $1.2 million breaking the William Hills record of the largest paid future bet. Furthermore, according to Adducci, this was his first-ever sports wager and had to get permission from his wife.

Bookies Make Money from the Vig – Unknown to many, bookies don’t make money from gamblers losing their bets. Therefore, how do bookies make money? In movies, they usually break the legs of a gamblers for not paying up. However, that money is actually to pay winning gamblers. Since a bookie is unable to predict the outcome of a game, they set odds to even out the wagers.  Thus, they just charge a commission for the service and the odds are made so they will not lose money.

More Facts about Sports Betting and Bookies

Hitting a 15-team parlay – winning a parley is tough as the odds are against you. However, Tayla Polia made history by winning a 15-team parlay back in 2015. Using the William Hill as her sportsbook of choice, she made a 15-team parlay at 20,000/1 odds. She only put at risk $5 to win $105,000 by betting on 9 NFL favorites, 5 underdogs and 1 over/under bet.

September is the Most Profitable Month for Bookies in the U.S. – According to Bookie Pay Per head Blogs, bookmakers in the U.S. love the month of September. This is because in the last few years, bookies have won more money from football bettors than any other month.

Sports Betting is not New – No one knows when sports betting began but the first record dates back to over 2,000 years ago. These records date back to ancient Greece when which later spread to ancient Rome.

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