Nevada Sportsbook Market Handle Dips in April

Nevada Sportsbook Market Handle Dips in April

In the latest news in our bookie blog, we’ll talk about the Nevada sportsbook market and its performance this April. The gambling industry in general is starting to regain its regular revenue as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted. More and more people can go out, and public retail venues can now accommodate more customers. And this is good for Nevada, as Las Vegas has a very robust retail casino and sports betting market. For instance, the overall gaming win for Nevada in April is over $1 billion. It is lower than March by around $30 million.

Nevada Sportsbook Market

Nevada Sportsbook Market Handle Dips in AprilHowever, sports betting numbers are lower, and reflect the industry-wide slump post-college basketball and without football games as well. If you know how a sportsbook pay per head works, you will see how easily you can plan your cash flow along with these trends throughout the year. The total sports betting handle for Nevada for April is $458.2 million. This is around 28.5% lower than March’s $640.98 million handle. March’s numbers are almost always higher because of March Madness, one of the biggest collegiate sports events.

Sports betting revenue is also lower by around 30.8% in April at $27.24 million from March’s $49.35%. One observation that bookies noticed is that mobile sports betting handle is the largest percentage since July 2020. April’s handle for online sports betting is $269.59 million. This is, however, something that can increase even higher if the state did not have the registration requirement. Under Nevada law, bettors must register in person in a retail sportsbook or casino before they can place wagers online. If people can place bets without leaving home, then the mobile betting market could be enjoying an even higher percentage share of sports betting. If it is as similar to how you can easily open a sportsbook online, the state’s numbers could even be higher overall.

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