Using Your Pay Per Head Service to Help Organize Payouts

Using Your Pay Per Head Service to Help Organize Payouts

Running a sportsbook through a pay per head sportsbook software makes everything easy. The whole process of creating a sportsbook, setting it up, and running the day to day operations are smoother. At the same time, there is less manual work on your end since your software automates everything for you. As a bookie, you can manage lines easily. You can also change your players’ limits, and add new plyers in anytime easily.

This gives you time to focus on getting sports news, getting more players, and even time to open an online casino. With the many ways you can make your job easier, you can work on expanding your business. One of the things that you can do with your pay per head service is to organize your payouts.

Your Pay Per Head Software for Payouts

Using Your Pay Per Head Service to Help Organize PayoutsDepending on you and your players, you can accept different currencies or payment options. Most bookies offer traditional payments such as bank transfers, credit cards, and even checks. But more accommodating bookies are exploring more payment channels like online wallets, multiple currencies, and even offering cryptocurrency. All of these options will depend on what you select. But you can also find a system that works for you when it comes to payouts. When you release the winnings to your players, you, as the bookie, can use whatever system you are comfortable with.

If you read through various pay per head blog posts, you will find out the many payment channels. But its also important that you have a schedule. For instance, you can set up a weekly payout system where you can simply generate a report from your sportsbook software to see the weekly activity and money of each player. Establish a cutoff period so that the payouts are released regularly. You can also automate the payout process if your software can handle it. Again, if you have the funds to do this, then offering instant payouts are an option.

Payout Schedules

Normally, you can offer payouts after the weekend, where most of the action happens. Mondays or Tuesdays are popular with many bookies. You should, however, make sure that your players are aware of the time it takes for the money to get to them. For example, some transactions, such as bank deposits or transfers can take a few days to process. You can also set payout limits, such as a minimum payout, or even a maximum weekly payout amount, if you want to control the money or reduce transactions. Again, just check your bookie software for the options that you have, so you can easily set the rules for your players.


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