Bookies are Not Worried Over February Betting Handle Dip

Bookies are Not Worried Over February Betting Handle Dip

Many bookies are not worried over February betting handle dip as this is quite common this time of year. To those who want to become a bookie agent, there is no cause of alarm. Its simply a matter of timing, a break in between major sports leagues. This happens almost every year, and is expected in the bookie industry.

As what most bookie pay per head veterans will tell you, seeing less profit in February is not much of an indicator that your sportsbook is doing bad. It is simply a market trend. However, there are other ways that you can tell if your sportsbook is truly just down for a quick dip, or if you need to put in more work.

February Betting Handle Dips

Bookies are Not Worried Over February Betting Handle DipEven one of the biggest sports betting markets in the US, New Jersey, has a dip in their handle. After 3 straight months hitting past the $900 million mark in betting handle, February’s total handle for New Jersey is only at $742.9 million. This is a 22% drop in handle, which sounds alarming. Other states like Indiana also has a high drop of 21%, and Nevada has a 14% drop in handle as well. However, if we look at the numbers of the previous year, the handle for 2021 is significantly higher. Which means, the betting market is as healthy as ever.

If you take a closer look at your bookie software, you will see the lull in popular sports games that people like betting on. The NFL ended in January, with just the Super Bowl in the first week of February. As for college basketball, March Madness is still a month away. The NBA also has its All-Star break, with one less week to bet basketball on. Add that to February being shorter, with one weekend less, its bound to have an effect in betting numbers everywhere. The good thing is, March comes in with an amazing calendar of games from both professional and collegiate basketball, so you can easily recoup any dips you have in your sportsbook.

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