NCAA Faced Criticisms for Inequality between Men’s and Women’s Amenities

NCAA Faced Criticisms for Inequality between Men’s and Women’s Amenities

Last updated on March 23rd, 2021 at 10:22 am

The NCAA faced criticisms after a video posted on social media showed a vast difference between men’s and women’s weight rooms. Oregon Duck Sedona Prince shared a video on Twitter and TikTok that showed the facilities of the NCAA.

The women’s weight room was a stack of low-weight dumbbells. On the other hand, the men’s weight room featured complete weight training equipment. Prince said that if people weren’t upset about the problem, they were a part of it.

The NCAA addressed the issue during a news briefing Friday. It said that they fell short in preparing the amenities for the women’s teams. NCAA vice president for women’s basketball said that it was her priority to make the event the best experience for everyone. As a former women’s basketball student-athlete herself, she would amend their mistakes.

NCAA Faced Criticisms

NCAA Faced Criticisms for Inequality between Men’s and Women’s AmenitiesHolzman said that there was limited space available in the facilities. They planned to expand the women’s training area once space became available. In Friday’s statement, she said that they talked to coaches and staff on improving the women’s amenities. The NCAA already upgraded the weight room Saturday.

Coaches, athletes, and staff members questioned the resources given to male and female athletes. Also, they want the NCAA to learn from the criticisms. Many athletes want the NCAA to address the issues that exist in their organization. They said that teams within the bubble should have the same level of respect.

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