What Kind of Pay Per Head Company Should You Choose?

What Kind of Pay Per Head Company Should You Choose?

If you go online and try to search for pay per head companies that you can use to create your own sportsbook, you’ll find hundreds of options. These companies will be offering similar products, with variations on the features and price. And, of course, quality. Finding a high quality sportsbook pay per head is a priority. Which brings us to the question, what kind of pay per head company do you choose?

The first consideration you need to make is the price point that you will be comfortable with. Your payperhead rate is per person, per week. Given the number of players that you have, you need to determine what the maximum cost per person you want to spend. Once your sportsbook is up and running, you can easily recoup these costs weekly. But it still takes a part of your profit, so think it over well.

What Kind of Pay Per Head Company Should You Get

What Kind of Pay Per Head Company Should You Choose?Once you have figured out the amount you want to spend for your pay per head service, you need to take a look at the available providers. At this price point, you need to find the best pay per head platform that offers you the best value for money. A simple cost-benefit analysis will help you figure this out. After all, there could be cheap pay per head providers- but they could be cheap because there is nothing much to offer. So, you need to also look at the quality of the software.

First, you need to check the software security. Is the site safe and secure? Are there backups, in the event of downtimes? Is there a lag in software? Is the company itself reliable? If you get a yes in all these questions, then you need to take a look at what they have to offer.

Pay Per Head Features

The second thing you need to do is check the bookie software itself. How are the lines? Is the software easy to use? Can you customize the sportsbook easily? Is it easy to change lines or manage bets? Do they have a bookie management system where you can view everything about your sportsbook? Can the software create reports on the parameters you want? Again, if you get a yes on all (or most) of them, then you move on to the next consideration.

The third standard that you should use in picking the best pay per head are the bells and whistles. Is the customer service available 24/7? Can you call, chat, and email them? Can you also offer extras such as horse racing and an online casino? What about the user experience- is the site pleasant to look at and use? Are there other extras, like prop bet builders? The more “yes” answers you get, the better the software you have. So mix in your budget plus the features you can avail, you now know what kind of pay per head software you should be getting.

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