Tiger Woods Underwent More Procedures after Car Accident

Tiger Woods Underwent More Procedures after Car Accident

Last updated on February 28th, 2021 at 02:14 am

The sports world was shocked to learn that Tiger Woods had a car accident in Los Angeles last Tuesday. The good news is that Woods underwent more procedures for the injuries from the accident.

According to reports, Woods had follow-up procedures done at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Doctors inserted pins and screws into his ankle and foot. The superstar golfer is on the road to recovery.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department said Woods would have been taken to another facility instead of Harbor-UCLA if his injuries were life-threatening. However, he had surgery in the Tier 1 trauma center for his injured right leg. The Sheriff’s Department ruled it as an accident.

Woods Underwent More Procedures

Tiger Woods Underwent More Procedures after Car AccidentPay per head for agents learned that wearing a seatbelt saved Woods’ life. Also, the Genesis SUV protected him from more harm. The SUV went off the side of the road towards a gulley.

When rescuers found him, Woods was alert despite a heavily damaged Genesis. Then, rescuers transported him to the hospital. After transferring to Cedars-Sinai, Woods received more orthopedic care on his way to recovery.

Harbor-UCLA respects Woods’ privacy and didn’t provide more information. According to orthopedic experts, Woods would require more surgeries in the future as his leg heals from the injuries. He would require rods, screws, and a procedure to relieve pressure from the swelling.

There’s no definite timeline for Wood’s release from the hospital. Some people estimated that he would stay for a while as doctors would try to heal Woods’ body. It includes skin grafts to the right leg. Also, they need to keep the surgical wounds and injuries free from infections. Thus, it would take a long time before Woods return to Florida.

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