Will Legal Sports Betting in Georgia be Available this year?

Will Legal Sports Betting in Georgia be Available this year?

Legal Sports Betting in Georgia Only for Online BettingCurrently, sports betting in the state of Georgia is not legal despite several attempts to legalize it last year. However, it does not mean that it is a lost cause. This is because Georgia lawmakers did introduce two new sports betting bills last month. In addition, last week the Senate Special Judiciary Committee did pass a legislation for Legal Sports Betting in Georgia.

However, they still have a way to go before Bill HB86 and HB93 can become the law. Next week is the next step for both of the Bills. This is because the Committee on Regulated Industries and Utilities will have a look at them. Thus, if they vote yes on them, it would push them even further into becoming a law.

Proponents of legal sports betting in Georgia are confident that at least one of these bills will pass. Furthermore, the passing of the bill to legalize mobile sports betting thru the Senate Special Judiciary Committee is no coincidence. This is because at the moment, Georgia is in need of additional revenue because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If all goes well, the Georgia State Lotter would oversee sports betting within their borders. Thus, allowing legal sportsbooks the ability to operate in Georgia. However, it would only be in the form of mobile wagering. Thus, sportsbooks would need a sports betting software that can handle the online gambling traffic.

Legal Sports Betting in Georgia Only for Online Betting

After seeing the success of mobile sports betting in Tennessee, Georgia is looking to use the same model of operation. If it does become legal, Georgia would either have a 10% or 14% tax on sports betting revenue. This depends on which bill passes with the Senate Bill asking for 10% and the House Bill asking for 14%.

One of the biggest allies of the bill are professional sports team. This is because the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance has been working hard to legalize sports betting. According to Bookie Pay Per head blogs, their aim is to stop illegal sports wagering in Georgia.

Furthermore, Atlanta Braves, Falcons, Haws and that Atlanta United of Major Leagues Soccer are all part of the alliance. Even though, they claim that their aim is to stop illegal betting, they would benefit financially as well. This is especially true if they are able to offer sports wagering in their stadiums.

If either bill passes, 21 years old Georgians would be able to bet on professional and collegiate sporting events. However, betting on in-state college sports teams will not be legal.

As Georgia is becoming more accepting towards sports gambling, many Bookie Pay Per Head providers are the situation closely. This is because with luck, Georgians will be able to bet on the 2021-22 NFL season!

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