College Basketball Betting Strategies

College Basketball Betting Strategies

College Basketball Betting StrategiesThe college basketball season offers some of the most exciting betting action in the market.  This is because there are over 350 college basketball division teams across 30 conferences. However, that is a lot of games to keep track of in order to make a gambling profit. Thus, we give you our College Basketball Betting Strategies to help you consistently win.

Our NCAA basketball Betting strategy guide is made by our team of gambling professionals with years of experience. Therefore, these basketball betting tips will help you profit whether you are using a conventional sportsbook or an online sportsbook.

According to per head sportsbook websites, the college basketball gambling market is a favorite for sharp bettors. However, it does not mean that an amateur gambler will have problem making a profit.  At least, not if they read our easy to use and understand basketball wagering strategies!

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Two College Basketball Betting Strategies to Use

Some of the top basketball betting strategies involve a college basketball betting system.  However, we will not be talking about those as they often use a gambling or sportsbook software which complicates things. Instead, we will be talking about basketball strategies that are simple yet efficient and proven to increase your win/loss ratio.

Making a Plan

First, it is impossible to always predict the outcome of a game. If it was possible it would not be gambling. However, you can minimize losses and increase profits by having a plan and sticking to it. For example, if you have a 55% winning rate, in theory you should make a profit every year. However, that is not the case for many gamblers.  This is because they do not follow their plan and tend to bet more on certain games. Thus, having a plan like never wagering above 25% of your bankroll will ensure a profit. The point is to create a plan that caters to your gambling habits and sticking to it.

Take Public Perception into account

Public betting perception is not as apparent in college betting.  This is because there are so many NCAA basketball games available during the season. However, it does not mean you should ignore it. This is especially true when an underdog faces a popular team.

That is when you need to looks for heavy public betting action on one side. This is because College basketball public betting perception almost always overvalues favorites. Therefore, finding double-digit spread will help you make a profit.

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