Get Your Sportsbook Ready for March Madness

Get Your Sportsbook Ready for March Madness

How to Get Your Sportsbook Ready for March MadnessNow that the Super Bowl is over it is time for bookies to think about their future. Needless to say, football season is the most profitable season for them.  However, it is by no mean the end  as there are tons of sports bettors enjoy gambling on. Thus, it is time for bookies to get their Sportsbook Ready for March Madness.

In the U.S. Betting on American football is the king with about $100 Billion in bets made in 2019. However, basketball betting is not alight weight in the gambling industry either.  In fact, in 2019, 47 million people made wagers on March Madness to the tune of $5.3 Billion. Therefore, there is life after the football season for sportsbooks.

Furthermore, sportsbook pay per head Software companies are expecting to see about $8.5 billion in March Madness wagers this year. This is due to the increase in states legalizing sports betting leading. Thus, it makes sense that there would be a drastic increase of bets for the 2021 NCAA Basketball tournament.

How to Get Your Sportsbook Ready for March Madness

In order to maximize their gambling profits, sportsbooks need to be ready for the 2021 March Madness tournament. The best ways are to start hyping March Madness early by offering early bird incentives to gamblers.

This year, March Madness will begin on March 14, 2021 beginning with Selection Sunday. This is just one month away from now which does not leave bookie a lot of time to prepare. However, if they do it right, then they can get a lot of players using their services for the tournament.

Here are some of the best ways to attract players to your bookie operation for March Madness.

Advertising March Madness on social media platforms and your website is a must.  One of the best ways to advertise the tournament is by hyping the favorite teams. This year, Gonzaga is the favorite team to win at +235. However, do not forget to talk about big teams like Baylor and the other big ten colleges.

Next is to start offering early odds on the 2021 NCAA Basketball tournament. Gamblers are always on the lookout for early odds to gain an edge on the bookmaker. Therefore, once you get them in the door, they will continue to bet with you until the end.

Another great way to attract more players for March Madness is of course to have special promotions. These include giving them free bets on a specific game to larger bonuses for early birds. In addition, having a March Madness Bracket is always a popular promotion. The general strategy is to offer bettors a March Madness Bracket for every deposit made with you. Of course, the bigger the prize the more popular it will be.
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2021 March Madness Schedule

Round Dates TV Coverage
Selection Sunday Sunday, March 14 CBS
First Four Thursday, March 18 truTV, TBS
First Round Friday, March 19 and Saturday, March 20 TBS, CBS, TNT, truTV
Second Round Sunday, March 21 and Monday, March 22 TBS, CBS, TNT, truTV
Sweet 16 Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28 CBS (afternoon games), TBS (primetime games)
Elite Eight Monday, March 29 and Tuesday, March 30 CBS (Monday) and TBS (Tuesday)
Final Four Saturday, April 3 CBS
National Championship Monday, April 5 CBS

Using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service for March Madness

The easiest way to be a bookie for March Madness is by using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service. This is because Pay Per Head Services like offers early betting odds on March Madness.

In addition, they have all of the tools necessary to maximize your basketball betting profits. These include player risk management system, player limits and efficient live reporting on the action. The best part is that it only costs $5 per player with no deposit necessary and no obligation.

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