How Bookies are Using Super Bowl Prop Bets to Increase Betting Volume

How Bookies are Using Super Bowl Prop Bets to Increase Betting Volume

How Bookies are Using Super Bowl Prop Bets to Increase Betting VolumeOne of the most exciting time of the year is almost here for bookies and sports bettors. Of course, we are talking about Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! For bookies and sportsbooks, this is an important time of the year before the slow season starts. This is because it is the last chance to bet on football until the next season. Therefore, our tutorial on How Bookies are Using Super Bowl Prop Bets to Increase Betting Volume should come in handy!

A sportsbook with the best bookie software and excellent lines management will have hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets available. However, for bookies, creating and not mimicking their competitors’ prop bets can be challenging. This is because of the research they need in order to create odds for more complex Super Bowl proposition wagers.

Therefore, for smaller gambling operators, create Super Bowl Prop bets can be challenging. This is why the top bookie websites use a Bookie Pay Per Head Provider that can make these prop bets. For example, provides hundreds of prop bets for sportsbook but can also create odds for prop bets on request.  In addition, they also have a prop bet builder platform where players can make their own prop bets!

Here are the Most Super Bowl Prop Bets to Increase Betting Volume

During a normal Super Bowl, there sports bettors will be able to bet on hundreds of Super Bowl Prop Bets. However, most new bettors do not know about the many betting options available.  This is why it is important to spend time advertising them to current and new players. The better you are at spreading the word about your Super Bowl LV prop bets, the higher your betting volume.

Just keep in mind that there is only so much content space you have available to advertise them. Therefore, you want to concentrate your sportsbook marketing on the most popular Super Bowl 2021 prop bets. Here is a list of the most popular ones.  Just don’t forget to mention how many prop bets you have available!

  • The Coin Toss
  • First Score Method
  • Highest-Scoring quarter
  • Who will be the Super Bowl 55 MVP?
  • Last team to score in the game
  • First Team to call the first timeout

Of course, one cannot forget exotic Super Bowl Prop Bets.  Exotic prop bets are special bets because they do not relate directly to the outcome of the game.

  • Color of the Gatorade Bath
  • National Anthem duration
  • Halftime Show wardrobe malfunction
  • Will a fan run on the field during the game?

One of the reasons Super Bowl proposition bets are so popular is because anyone can place them. This is because you do not need to know anything about football to have fun with them.  In addition, they make great water cooler conversation topics!

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