CAS Reduces Russia Doping Ban to Two Years

CAS Reduces Russia Doping Ban to Two Years

The Court of Arbitration for Sports reduced the Russia doping ban from four years to two years. The decision would end the country’s battle with anti-doping regulators. The latter accused Russia of running a complicated doping scheme to win Olympic medals.

The Court of Arbitration for Sports is the final arbiter on sports disputes. Based on the decision, Russia is unqualified for the next two Olympics: the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Also, Russia can’t have their flag or anthem represented at high-profile events during the two years. However, Russian athletes can still compete at the Olympics and other tournaments as neutral competitors.

Russia Doping Ban

CAS Reduces Russia Doping Ban to Two YearsAccording to gambling software reports, World Anti-Doping Agency officials saw the CAS decision as a victory. WADA was responsible for the initial ban in 2019. However, other anti-doping organizations are confused with the decision.

WADA officials felt relief knowing that the new rules implemented after the Russian doping scandal withstood Russia’s legal challenges. According to pay per head bookie service sources, WADA said that the decision proved their case. Also, the decision is a vital moment for clean athletes and sports worldwide.

However, other anti-doping organizations ridiculed the decision. According to the PricePerPlayer blog, the panel found out that Russia executed the scheme and was caught when they tried to cover it. That’s why they saw the decision as a blow to clean athletes and the integrity of sports. They want the CAS to maintain the four-year ban.

It was still unclear why the panel reduced the punishment for the Russia doping scheme. Although the panel agreed with WADA’s arguments, the arbitrators claimed that Russia should not see the decision as some vindication.

The panel said that they looked at the nature of noncompliance and came up with the appropriate ruling. Aside from the Olympics, Russia can’t compete in the FIFA World Cup.

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