Illinois is Now the 4th Largest Bookie Market in the US

Illinois is Now the 4th Largest Bookie Market in the US

Illinois is now the 4th largest market in the US after getting a $435 million betting handle for October. Many bookie pay per head blog sites have already pointed to the US as nearing to break a $3 billion betting mark before the year ends. When that happens, Illinois will be a big player in this. Illinois is turning out to be one of newest and biggest markets in the US . Which is remarkable, considering it only opened in March. In fact, they opened just a few days before the pandemic caused the country to shut down major businesses.

Illinois in now the 4th Largest

Illinois is Now the 4th Largest Bookie Market in the USSince the first bet in March, Illinois has managed to collect $941 million in sports wagers. In October alone, the sports betting handle for Illinois is $435 million. This is a 43% jump if we compare it to September’s $305 million in wagers. This is a good record set by the state, and could only get better. Experts from the best bookie software provider estimates that Illinois can be such a huge betting market, that it could generate $5 billion in handle yearly in just a few years.

Illinois has the 4th largest sports betting handle for the month of October. They are trailing behind successful states in terms of having a health sports betting market. Illinois is fourth to Pennsylvania Nevada, and New Jersey. It is said that the pandemic may have a hand in contributing to such a steep growth in the Illinois betting market. Initially, Illinois residents could only place wagers online if they register in person. But due to the pandemic, this rule has been suspended. The suspension likely helps new players get into sports betting easier. And with a lot of Illinois residents eager to bet on football, the top sport people bet in for October, its about time you try out this pay per head for agents and start taking in wagers.


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