The 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the World

The 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the World

The 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the WorldEveryone knows that gambling is big business but exactly how big is it? Just to give you an idea, the current global gambling market is worth over $440 billion. Furthermore, gambling software companies estimate that it could easily reach $650 billion by 2027. Thus, to keep up with the gambling industry, here are the 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the World

The gambling market is made up of the American, European, Asian and African Market with the Asia being the largest. However, 6 of the largest companies in the world are from the UK and 4 from the US. On the other hand, Asia only has a few large gambling companies but they are huge.

Furthermore, not all of these companies are public and on a stock exchange. In addition, these companies are not all gambling operators.  Many in fact are actually gambling providers or a combination of both.

Needless to say, a normal Pay Per Head Agent is not on the list. However, it does not mean they cannot achieve their own success in the sports betting world.

The 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the World by Revenue

  1. Melco

For those most people in the Western hemisphere, Melco is unknown to them.  However, they are by far the largest gambling company in the world making over $5 billion in revenue last year.  This is because they are a company in Hong Kong and the king of gambling in the Asian Market. Furthermore, they have over 21,000 employees and have several resorts like Altira Macau and City of Dreams in the Philippines.

  1. Entain PLC

In Europe, Entain PLC is the largest gambling company taking second place on our list.  This is because they made $4.946 billion in revenue in 2019. Entain PLC is the largest gambling company in the UK and Europe despite being only 16 years old. They own brands like Bwain, Ladbrokes, PartyPoke, Sportingbet and Coral.

  1. International Game Technology

International Game Technology is another company in the UK that is mostly known for producing slot machines. However, that is not all they do as they had $4,786 billion in revenue last year with a large presence in the U.S.

  1. Bet365

Anyone that has ever been on the internet knows about Bet365.  Not only did they make the list, they are one of the few companies that are private and mostly online. They made $4.045 bill in revenue last year and is once again from the UK.

  1. Tabcorp

Making the list as number 5 is the Australian gambling company, Tabcorp. They have over 5,000 employees and made almost $ billion in revenue last year. Furthermore, they are mainly known for being Australia’s largest provider of lotteries, gaming products and Keno games.

Bonus Company

On a sidenote, no American company made our list of the 5 Biggest Gambling Companies in the world.  However, Scientific Games which is an American company almost made the list with a revenue of $3.363 billion in 2019. In addition, they are mostly known for the lottery software like the Powerball and MegaMillions.  However, they also have their own bookie software and instant lottery tickets.

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