Sportsbooks are Thriving with eSports Betting

Sportsbooks are Thriving with eSports Betting

Sportsbooks are Thriving with eSports BettingSports betting is a very popular hobby that is growing every year at a tremendous pace.  However, that is nothing new as its history dates back to thousands of years ago. Today, the rising star of sports wagering is eSports Betting and bookies are taking note of it. Needless to say, Sportsbooks are Thriving with eSports Betting, if they offer it the options to their clients.

The smart sportsbook operators are the ones that are taking advantage of the latest trends in sports and gambling. Therefore, while eSports wagering is fairly new it is quickly beginning to take a large share of the gambling market. Thus, the sportsbooks that are thriving are the ones that first began to offer this gambling options.

Of course, the gambling pioneers are the ones that first began to setup their sportsbook software to take esports bets. This is because they took a large risk investing, training lines managers and adapting their software to for eSports wagering. However, the risk was well worth it since the eSports betting market is now worth $343 million this year.

Why Sportsbooks are Thriving with eSports Betting?

The early bird catches the worm and the same holds true for gambling.  In fact, here are some random statistics to prove how sportsbooks are thriving with eSports wagering. In 2018, the global iGaming revenue was growing at nearly 10% per year.  Furthermore, gambling analysists in the mid-2019 said the eSports market would be worth $22 billion by 2022.

However, because of the 20202 COVID-19 pandemic these numbers are no longer valid.  This is because the eSports revenue estimates are now at 11%. Furthermore, the gross win from eSports wagering will probably reach 39% this year. In the U.S. alone, Bookie Pay Per Head Blogs believe it will hot $343 million in revenue.

Betting on eSports is very similar to traditional sports betting which makes the transition for regular sports bettors easy. Of course, some adjustments in thinking are necessary. For example, the odds in action games like League of Legends are made by number of kills.  However, the same types of odds like money line, totals and prop bets remain the same.

Today, sportsbooks can easily add an eSports Betting Platform thanks to Sportsbook Pay Per Head services. This is because the Pay Per Head industry is very fast at adapting giving bookies the latest gambling options.

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