NBA Teams Breaking Virus Protocols to Forfeit Games

NBA Teams Breaking Virus Protocols to Forfeit Games

NBA teams breaking virus protocols could face stiff penalties, including forfeitures of games and draft picks. The league announced the rules last Saturday. The NBA also said that it would discuss with the National Basketball Players Association about who needs to have a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available in the future.

The NBA urged teams to encourage personnel and players to get flu shots. Also, coaches, players, and essential staff should avoid going to bars, clubs, and lounges. They should also prevent gaming or entertainment venues, spas, pool areas, and public gyms.

The NBA said that team should avoid indoor gatherings of more than 15 people. The rules apply to when teams are at home or traveling on the road. The league will start its preseason games Friday. Also, the regular season will begin on December 22.

Punishment for NBA Teams Breaking Virus Protocols

NBA Teams Breaking Virus Protocols to Forfeit GamesAccording to bookie news reports, the NBA requires daily testing. The league wants players and coaches to hold each other accountable. That way, the league can limit exposure to other people outside the bubble.

The NBA hopes that everyone would try their best to follow protocols. That way, they can keep each other safe from the virus. According to bookie software solution reports, the testing program will start Sunday.

Coaches and players will have daily testing. According to reports, 48 players are positive before the start of the training camps. The NBA will work with BioReference as its testing provider. Also, it will provide PCR testing to household members twice a week. The league also recommends flu shots for household members.

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