New York Sports Betting

Bookie News: There is Hope for New York Sports Betting

It’s already the last month of the year, and what a year it was. The pandemic has brought about a break in both the sports and sports betting industry. Stadiums were empty, casinos were, for the first time in such a long while, full of silence. Slowly, these industries reopened, and are recovering well. A lot of states in the US included legalizing sports betting in their economic bills to help states generate revenue to deal with deficits. But New York is still unmoving in this regard. But lawmakers are not shutting the door just yet. There is hope for New York sports betting.

New York Sports Betting: What is Happening Now?

New York Sports BettingCurrently, there are efforts made by few legislators to get things running. Due to the pandemic, the state legislature will most not likely be in session until next year, when the vaccine is out. So while things are looking bleak for those who are looking forward to becoming a bookie in New York, there is still hope.

The likelihood in seeing bookie software and to even see online sportsbooks in the state seems impossible, given the technicalities that the state Governor thinks should be addressed first- which is amending the constitution. Currently, people can bet on sports in tribal casinos, but only within the premises.

What Needs to Be Done

Currently, the state is anticipating a shortage in revenue for the state. Much like other states, New York is looking for ways that they can generate additional revenue. Legalizing sports betting will be a good way to get this done. The licensing fees plus the tax that they can collect from sportsbook revenue can go a long way in funding state programs.

This means that if the state will be creating a revenue bill, legislators will be including sports betting in it. New Jersey is currently dominating the sports betting market, and there is no doubt that New Yorkers contribute to that. Creating sportsbooks with a given customer base will be good for generating income. Many independent bookies are already doing it, even faster than New York could. This pay per head bookie guide can show you how easy it can be for you to have your very own online sportsbook.

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