Pro Sports Teams Want Sportsbook Action in Massachusetts

Pro Sports Teams Want Sportsbook Action in Massachusetts

There is a lot of support from various communities wanting to see sports betting happen in the Massachusetts. Naturally, local gambling and sportsbook software operators want to see sports betting legalized in the state. But now, even pro sports teams want sportsbook action in Massachusetts. There are 5 major professional sports teams in the Boston area who want it, and have written to the legislature to give their support.

Many bookie blog sites are reporting the status of sports betting in each state across the country. Some already have legalized sports betting, while some are still in the process of drafting bills to legalize it. Massachusetts belongs to the latter group, and many are hopeful that the estate legislators can still come up with a bill during this legislative session.

Pro Sports Teams Want Sportsbook Action

Pro Sports Teams Want Sportsbook Action in MassachusettsIn a joint letter addressed to the economic development bill conference committee, pro sports leagues call for the passing of a sports betting bill during this session. The Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the PGA Tour, and the New England Revolution, the Boston Bruins, as well as the Boston Celtics all support having a local betting industry.

Currently, the Senate passed its $46 billion budget without any mention of sports betting. This does not bode well for sports betting. However, there is still a way to get sports betting legalized. By including sports betting in the economic development bill, similar to what the House has done, there is hope yet to see the beginnings of a sports betting industry in the state.

Sports Betting in Massachusetts

Just like the best pay per head sportsbook, the best way to offer sports betting is through multiple platforms, and with a wide variety of betting options. So far though, there is no mention of what sports betting will entail in Massachusetts, if it were to happen. Will there be limits to what sports people can bet on? Can they bet online? Will it be retail only? We will not know soon, at least until we see if sports betting makes it in the economic development bill.

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