The Pay Per Head Bookie Guide to NFL Wagers

The Pay Per Head Bookie Guide to NFL Wagers

The Pay Per Head Bookie Guide to NFL WagersWhen you want to become a successful bookie, you have to learn everything about American football betting, particularly the NFL. NFL wagers are the most popular in most sportsbooks. The potential to earn so much during the season is very high. But learning about point spreads, money lines, parlays, teasers, and futures bets are not enough. There are other wagers that you can offer your players. And since you are using a pay per head software, its very easy to offer a variety of NFL betting options.

Aside from reading how to be a bookie for dummies, you can also read up on other tutorials on our site to get a better grasp on handling the different facets of sportsbook operations. For now, we’ll talk about some wager types on NFL betting, so you can understand these wagers and find out how you can earn money from them.

NFL Wagers: More Than the Basics

Odd/Even Wagers. It’s a very simple wager for your players to make. All they have to do is choose if they think the total number of points for each quarter will be odd or even. They can also bet on the total half score, as well as the total points for the game. When you become a bookie agent, you will see how these simple bets can be very profitable if you manage your lines well.

Race To Points. This is a wager where you as a bookie will specify point marks and have your players bet. For instance, you’ll offer your players the wager on which team will score 5 points first, or 10 points, and so on.

Double Result. This is a bit more complicated, and usually more advanced bettors would be willing to explore this. Here, your players will bet on the result for each half of the game, over time not included. Draws, however, are included.

Player Props. These are prop bets that require a bit more knowledge on player’s skill and ability to score. Bookies can earn a lot from people betting on which player will be the first to score a touchdown, or who will make the most receiving meters, and so on. These wagers are a lot more complicated than your basic points spread bets, but you’ll be looking at veteran players, with a smattering of recreational bettors placing these NFL wagers.


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