College Sports Betting

Pay Per Head News: New Jersey Sportsbooks May Offer All College Sports Betting

Everyone who runs a pay per head sportsbook knows how popular college sports betting is. In fact, college football can even beat other professional leagues in betting handle during the peak football season. But despite its popularity among sports bettors, some areas in the US are strictly regulating college sports betting.

College Sports Betting in the US

College Sports BettingIn the US, several states are placing regulations on betting on collegiate sports. Some would outright ban college sports betting, but some have a more lenient approach. As many would question integrity within the collegiate sports system, and possible conflicts with local parties, states are restricting specific games. And since sportsbook and pay per head software is easily customizable, you can choose to limit your offerings to your players.

This means, that unlike what any pay per head bookie would do, you will be able to offer betting options on all college sports except for events involving your state team. Basically, you cannot bet on your home state college team, or your local alma mater (if you still live there, of course). This of course hurts the bottom line of many sportsbooks since recreational bettors tend to be active when it comes to betting on home teams.

Collegiate Sports Betting in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the country’s biggest betting markets. And yet ever since they launched their betting market, locals could not bet on local teams, as well as events held locally. And while New Jersey enjoys a pretty profitable betting market, they could still do way better if there were no such limits. Queue Senate Concurrent Resolution 133, which is approved by the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

This resolution will still need to have a hearing, as well as a vote to be added to the bill. But this proposal aims to allow betting on all college sports events as well as Division I college sports in New Jersey. This will greatly benefit the state as they play host to many sports tournaments, and is also home to 8 NCAA Division 1 programs.

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