Auburn Scored Late TD to Win Over Ole Miss

Auburn Scored Late TD to Win Over Ole Miss

Auburn games this season had questionable officiating. Its latest game featured a controversial call as Auburn scored late TD to defeat Ole Miss. It looked like the officials missed a muffed kick return.

Ole Miss had a one-point lead late in the last quarter when a bouncing kickoff appeared to glance off Auburn’s Shaun Shivers. Ole Miss recovered the ball at the end zone, but officials called a touchback instead of a recovery.

The best bookie pay per head was surprised that the officials didn’t review the play. Even in the replay, the ball appeared to touch Shivers, who chased after it. However, he gave up, and that’s why Ole Miss recovered the ball.

Auburn Scored Late TD Against Ole Miss

Auburn Scored Late TD to Win Over Ole MissAccording to the sportsbook pay per head blog, Auburn punted the drive. However, Ole Miss failed to score or let the time run out. After Auburn got the ball back, Bo Nix threw a touchdown pass to win the game.

Although there’s no guarantee that Auburn loses or officials would overturn their call, officials should avoid making bad decisions that could affect the game. According to a sportsbook for agents, Ole Miss fans should not dwell on the missed call.

They should focus their anger on Lane Kiffin, who allowed Auburn to score after too much time. As a result, the team dropped to 1-4 after the heartbreaking loss.

Ole Miss used a two-quarterback system in the game against Auburn. After Corral threw an interception during their second drive of the game, they started the next drive with backup QB John Rhys Plumlee. After that, Plumlee and Corral rotated until the half ended. The team scored TDs on both drives.

Plumlee started the second half, but the offense faltered. Corral returned, and Plumlee didn’t return to the game.

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