Bookie News: Football Boosts the Indiana Sports Betting Numbers

Bookie News: Football Boosts the Indiana Sports Betting Numbers

Bookie News: Football Boosts the Indiana Sports Betting NumbersIndiana is doing remarkably well, and this September, football boosts the Indiana sports betting handle. In fact, their record for September breaks their previous records with a $217.45 million handle. This is 22.7% higher that August’s $169.02 million handle. Of course, many bookie pay per head experts are expecting a rise in handle as the NFL season kicks off every September.

Revenue is not the only metric showing an increase. Revenue for the state is also up 45.2% from August’s $9.83 million to September’s $14.28 million. A lot of credit goes to the opening of the football season. But more than that, online betting channels are also a big factor. Which is why learning to become a bookie online is getting very popular nowadays.

Football Boosts the Indiana Sports Betting Numbers

As a whole, the betting handle for the Hoosier state has 86.3% of its wagers done online. There are 9 online sportsbooks currently operating in the state. This amounts to $187.98 million in wagers done online. Retail betting comes in at $28.47 million. While not as high as online wagering, retail sports betting still increased 13.4%. From August’s $25.12 million, September gives us a handle at $28.47 million.

The total tax collected by the state for September is at $34.25 million. This is 9.4% higher than August’s tax collection of $31.32 million. This covers taxes on wagers, sports wagering, as well as any supplemental taxes.

Football Season Shows Promise

For this month, football accounts for $48.42 million out of the total handle. Basketball comes next at $34.23 million. $30.46 million worth of wagers, meanwhile, are made for Baseball. The NBA had its playoff season in September, with the Finals happening though October. But since the NFL starts in September, and is sticking to its regular schedule, many pay per head blog experts are seeing the numbers from September onto the Super Bowl increase. Football is one of the top-bet sports available. And with people having more time to watch sports, and better access to online sportsbooks, the numbers can only get higher than normal.


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