Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same?

Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same?

Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same?Without a doubt, using a Bookie Pay Per Head Service is the easiest and fastest way to open a sportsbook. In addition, 95% of all new online sportsbooks start off by using a Pay Per Head service.  However, how to do find the right one and Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same?

The reason why this is such an important question is because there are many Bookie Pay Per Head Services available. According to, there are at least 45 Pay Per Head companies currently in business. Therefore, with this many choices which one should a future sportsbook operator choose?

While the majority of Bookie Pay Per Head offer the same service, it does not mean they are the same. This is because they all have different prices, use different sports betting software and also have different gambling options available. In addition, some Bookie PPH may have better sportsbook management tools and reporting services.

So, Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same or Not?

Yes, they all have the same service but they are not all the same. Let’s begin with the Bookie Pay Per Head Software. Most Pay Per Head Services, especially the ones that cater to the North American gambling market use DGS or ASI. The popular and better Pay Per Head Services will use these betting platforms but with their own adjustments to it. In fact, some of them many so many changes to them that they are barely recognizable.

So, Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same or Not?For example, sports betting software uses DGS software its core. However, players and bookies familiar with the DGS software say it is much better than the original software. This because it has better management tools, more accurate reports and a better player interface.

Player Gambling Options – This is where some Sportsbook Pay Per Head tend to shine while leaving the rest of the competition behind. Basically speaking, a basic PPH service only offers sports betting and nothing else.

In order to get more clients, Pay Per Head Providers will add more gambling options. These options include: live betting, player prop bets, online casino, live betting casino and a racebook.  Furthermore, some Bookie PPH will also have betting on more betting events then others.

However, some Pay Per Head charge extra for these extra gambling options while others do not. gives you all of these betting options for only $5 per player while other PPH charge you extra.  Thus, with other PPH providers you have to bet $10 to $20 more for these features.

Customer Service and Pay Per Head Agent Support

In an industry that offers very competitive services, player customer services and agent support is key. This is because with the proper customer service, a sportsbook can retain and upsell their services.  Therefore, testing out the player customer service of a pay per head service is imperative. Furthermore, so is the agent support service as bookies need to know they are well taken care of is the king when it comes to player customer service and support.  They have won several awards for customer service and are available 24/7.  This is why smart bookies and sportsbook operators use their Pay Per Head Service.  Not only do they have the best prices, they also offer the most gambling options and features.

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