New York Sports Betting is Left Behind by Neighboring States

New York Sports Betting is Left Behind by Neighboring States

This August, New Jersey Set a new all-time record for the highest monthly betting handle at $668 million. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is also doing great, with a $365 million handle. The numbers are climbing, in spite of a pandemic happening. And with all the revenue the states’ coffers are getting, New York sports betting is left in the dust as they still have no sound policy on sports betting. Especially for online sports betting. Which is kind of ironic, considering how easy it is to run sports betting software. Practical too, especially when most are staying home during the pandemic.

New York Sports Betting

New York Sports Betting is Left Behind by Neighboring StatesCurrently, the only way for New York residents to bet on sports, is to go upstate. The closest brick and mortar sportsbook to Manhattan is around 90 miles. There are no laws that allow online wagering. The sports betting policy in the state is so bad, people find it easier to cross over to New Jersey to bet on sports.

If you look at pay per head bookie blog sites, most of them point towards online sports betting as the most practical option for everyone. So much so, that many are actually starting up their very own online sportsbooks. And if you have what players look for in a bookie, then there is a good chance that this will be profitable venture.

Future Plans for Online Sports Betting

So far, we are hearing that the speaker of the New York State Assembly may possibly offer online and mobile sports wagering. This could be included in a future revenue bill. This will be part of a revenue package of sorts. But since there is still no news of federal stimulus from the government, this may not happen yet. But lawmakers are hopeful that this could be included, and that they may see a local market in time for the Super Bowl and March Madness.

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