Indiana Bookies Record $169 Million Handle for August

Indiana Bookies Record $169 Million Handle for August

The sports betting industry is enjoying a quick recovery, as most sportsbook pay per head blog reports detail increases in betting handles across the country. Indiana is one of the states that more than doubles their betting handle month-on-month. Indiana Bookies have a betting handle of $70.876 million for July. This increases by 138% to $169.018 million in August.

Meanwhile, sportsbook revenue for July is $6.658 million, but surges by 47.7% to $9.834 million in August. The quick recovery of both the sports and gambling industry is a key factor for many to want to become an independent sportsbook operator. Even during the pandemic, the betting industry fights and continues to thrive. Which is, of course, a great way to earn money safely from home.

Indiana Bookies and Mobile Wagering

Indiana Bookies Record $169 Million Handle for AugustIndiana is one of the states that allows online wagering. Many experts believe this to be one of the reasons why the state has a high betting handle. In fact, if we look at the numbers for July, Indiana’s handle is similar to the July handle of big gambling states like Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Betting also increased due to the return of the NBA, NHL, and the new season of the MLB. September heralds the return of football season, so expect online bookie software to continue to be in demand for those who are into online betting. In August, Indiana’s mobile handle is $143.900 million. This is 122% higher than July’s $64.545 million.

Indiana’s Betting Numbers: What to Expect

Revenue from July to August jumps 47.7%. Mobile betting jumps as well by 122.9%, with the total handle up 138.5%. September will bring us the NFL season, while the NBA will be in its playoff season. The MLB and the NHL will also be active, so there are many betting opportunities for sports fans in the state.

For August, the NBA was the highest wagered sport, with $55.206 in wagers, with parlay wagers at $43.645 million. Other sports have $36.254 million, while baseball enjoys $31.051 million in wagers. The numbers may change, especially with the NFL in the picture, but many bookie experts anticipate a higher handle for the remainder of the year.


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