Are Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services a Rip Off?

Are Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services a Rip Off?

Are Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services a Rip Off?People often associate quality with price with the old saying “You get what you pay for”.  In the old days, this was often the case but in today’s world, it is no longer a fact. For example, is an $800 pair of shoes really better than a $200 pair of shoes? What if the only difference between the two is a different logo?   Thus, in this article we go over whether Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services are worth it or not.

The first question to ask is what exactly makes something more expensive then another? is it because of the brand or is it because it actually offers more than the competition?  This is where the Pay Per Head industry differs from the usual cost vs. quality debate.

A Sportsbook Pay Per Head company provides bookies the sports betting software and a data management system for bookies. Therefore, the quality of the service will depend on the software they use. However, the majority of Bookie Pay Per Head providers use either the RDG or ASI software. The main difference in quality is that some PPH services have made changes to the software. Thus, some PPH are easier to use and have more options.

The Truth Behind Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services

In the beginning of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry, the cost per player was around $40 to $65. Today, a Bookie PPH cost between $3 to $25 per player with $10 per player being the average price. Therefore, does it mean that the quality of Pay Per Head Services has gone done in the last 20 years? Of course not, if anything, the quality of these PPH services has gotten better thanks to advances in technology.

The Truth Behind Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head ServicesThe simple truth is that Pay Per Head Bookie services have gotten cheaper because there is more competition. In addition, a lot of the work now uses artificial intelligence and better sportsbook software. Thus, a Pay Per Head company does not need as many employees as before. Therefore, the cheaper cost trickles down to bookies most of the time.

Unfortunately, according to Best Pay Per Head Bookie Blog, some Pay Per Head Services, want to make more money. Thus, they do not pass down the savings. These are usually the Pay Per Head that charge $20 and above. This is because as long as their clients are willing to pay, they will keep their prices the same.

Some PPH will offer more gambling options, more player customer service and more bookie tools to justify the higher cost. It is only normal that a bookie would pay more for more services. But what if you can find a cheaper and more affordable service that offers the same at no extra cost?

The only way to see whether a costly Pay Per Head Service is worth it is by trying and comparing. For example, is only $5 per player while their most expensive competitors charges $25 per player.  However, offers the same services and even more options then the competition.

Now, do you still think that an Expensive Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service is worth it?

Don’t just take our word for it. The best way to see whether expensive is better than affordable is by trying each Bookie PPH and comparing them. A good Pay Per head provider will offer a full demo of their services without having to jump any hoop.

Just don’t forget to read the small print before signing up for a service.  This is because some PPH companies like to do the bait and switch tactic.  This is where their demos include all of the gambling options and tools. However, a bookie has to pay extra to get all of these extra features.

At, we do not rely on tricks and gimmicks.  What you see is what you get for only $5 per player with not hidden fees.

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