Deshaun Watson New Contract Impacts other NFL QBs

Deshaun Watson New Contract Impacts other NFL QBs

The Houston Texans locked up Deshaun Watson to a long-term contract before the beginning of the NFL season. The Deshaun Watson new contract will give the QB a maximum of $160 million in four seasons. Also, it came with a signing bonus of $27 million.

Team officials and Watson both wanted to preserve their partnership for a long time. Also, they tried to finalize the contract before the beginning of the season. They managed to accomplish their mission five days before the Texans’ first game of the season.

However, the new contract impacts many people, including other quarterbacks in the NFL. Watson will get the financial stability and will remain with the franchise for the next four years. Also, he will be the highest-paid player in the league, with a base salary of $39 million.

Deshaun Watson New Contract

Deshaun Watson New Contract Impacts other NFL QBsBased on software sportsbook reports, Watson avoids having any uncertainties about his career in the next four years. Also, there will be no franchise designations or lengthy negotiations. Watson will remain a Texan until 2025. Thus, he can focus on improving his game to benefit the team.

Also, Watson will be able to earn more money during his prime. Watson turns 25 years old next week, according to Price Per Player Blog. Thus, his contract will expire before his 30th birthday. He opted for a shorter contract, unlike Patrick Mahomes, who signed a ten-year deal during the offseason.

Houston gets to keep the face of the team until 2025. Also, it prevents the team from losing Watson to free agency after the 2021 season. However, the team needs to work harder to surround their young quarterback with talent that can help him grow and win games.

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