What Players Look for in a Bookie

What Players Look for in a Bookie

The sports betting business is very competitive. Knowing how to start a bookie business is just the tip of the iceberg, as running it successfully will be the most challenging part. As an online bookie, your job is to find people who will place bets on the odds that you have set up in your sportsbook. More than that, your job is to make sure that your players are happy and will continue to do their business in your sportsbook. Today, we’ll give you an idea of what players look for in a bookie.

Of course, your bookie pay per head will be taking care of some of the aspects of what your players will need. But the best software in the world will not bring you thousand in profits if you do not have players placing bets. So, as a bookie, you need to make sure that your players have a great experience using your sportsbook. This does not mean that they should be winning all the time, because that will not be profitable for you. In essence, the ability to sustain active players is the best way you can ensure that your sportsbook will succeed in the long term.

What Players Look for in a Bookie

What Players Look for in a BookieThe first thing that people will look at is your credibility and your reputation. Since you can practically google everything nowadays, bad reviews cannot be covered up. This pushes sportsbooks to always maintain a standard of quality acceptable to many. But as a bookie, this means that you have to show to your players that you are professional, and that your sportsbook is here to stay.

The next thing that your players will look at will be the numbers. For one, the payouts that bookies give vary, and so do their lines. If your odds are exciting enough for your players, then you will be getting a lot of action. But, if you keep setting lines that are only going to make you money, but does not give great value to your players, then don’t expect them to be placing wagers in your sportsbook any time soon.

Player Perks

Advertising plays a big part of your sportsbook operation. The exposure that your brand can get from advertising your sportsbook can get you a lot of new players. And one of the best ways to attract new business, is to give them an enticing offer. This is where your first deposit bonuses come in. You can go for enhanced odds, free bets, deposit bonuses, and more. In addition, you can offer rollover conditions for your bonuses to get them to stay. But do not make it too tedious for them to avail it.

You can also offer other promotions to your players. This can be a regular bonus, like birthday free bets, or seasonal bonuses, and loyalty programs. It could also be sports-specific, like a bonus for the first bet your players will make on the NFL. Since you are using software to open a sportsbook, then offering these promotions should not be too hard.

Other Factors

Of course, money is one of the biggest aspects of betting that we will factor into this equation. And as a bookie, you should maintain enough money to provide your players their payouts, if the worst scenario happens. Giving your players timely payout options will be a great motivator for them to stay. Not only that, but the accessibility to the money is also a big factor. By offering payment options like bank transfers, paypal, and more, you are making it easier for people to place their bets in your sportsbook.

All of these conveniences, naturally, should be complemented by great quality service. This means a professional website where they can view lines and place bets. Its also about being available for your players 24/7, and by maintaining a high-quality product. Your software should be giving you customer support services alongside the software, so it should be taken care of. Just make sure that you are updated with the best lines, using the most up-to-date software, and you are good to go. Always remember that by keeping your players happy and interested, you are paving the way for long-term clients, and long-term profit.


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