NCAA Postpones Decision on Fall Sports

NCAA Postpones Decision on Fall Sports

The NCAA postpones decision on fall sports tournaments until August. The decision will appease athletic directors and FBS conference commissioners who opposed the cancellation of sports events.

The board of governors can postpone or cancel the fall tournaments for sports, such as women’s volleyball, FCS football, and soccer. However, regular-season schedules and games are at the discretion of individual conferences or schools.

The NCAA board will monitor health conditions across the country. Also, they will ensure the implementation of the coronavirus guidelines they came up with last week. The board added that their highest priority is the health of student-athletes. That’s why they delayed their decision on 22 championships.

NCAA Postpones Decision on Fall Championships

NCAA Postpones Decision on Fall SportsThe NCAA board is looking at the infection trend and other factors to determine the fate of fall sports. Based on bookie software sources, the NCAA is thinking of changing the format of the championships. That way, it can guarantee the safety of the athletes.

Although the cancellation of the fall sports championships doesn’t impact the FBS college football season, decision-makers are concerned that the NCAA’s decision would have a domino-effect on college football. Blog learned that the NCAA board of governors don’t want to make an immediate decision. They want to make sure that schools and conferences have the time to evaluate the viability of holding football matches in fall.

The delay in the NCAA decision is good news for athletic directors across the nation. It gives them more time to determine the health conditions across the nation. The board will meet on August 4. However, athletic directors are saying that t is still too early to make a final decision on fall tournaments.

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