Ivy League Cancels Fall Sports Due to Coronavirus

Ivy League Cancels Fall Sports Due to Coronavirus

The Ivy League cancels all fall sports this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is the first Division I conference to cancel sports in the upcoming semester. However, the conference didn’t make decisions in winter and spring sports. Also, it didn’t say if it will hold fall sports in 2021.

According to Ivy League executive director Robin Harris, campus policies made it impractical to hold tournaments in fall. The eight schools announced their plans for fall, and the presidents realized that competition was impossible.

The Ivy League made the announcement to make student-athletes aware of the decision. The Ivy League said that making the decision was hard, but it was the right one. Student-athletes can still practice on campus.

Ivy League Cancels Fall Sports

Ivy League Cancels Fall Sports Due to CoronavirusBased on sportsbook pay per head sources, the conference came up with the decision after reviewing the coronavirus policies of the eight campuses. Although the policies varied from one school to another, they made fall tournaments impractical.

The schools anticipate that the policies would be in place until the end of the fall semester. Several Ivy League schools banned travel for staff, faculty, and students. It included coaches and athletes. Some schools placed restrictions on visitors. Also, they have strict social distance policies. According to a sports betting platform, schools limit sizes of group gatherings.

Harris said that the factors might not influence other conferences. Other schools can evaluate their policies during the coronavirus pandemic. Athletic directors are working hard to consider different options. Also, they look at different ways to conduct games during the fall.

However, most policies didn’t allow tournaments. Thus, the Ivy League decided to scrap fall competitions.

The Ivy League decision is bad news for the sports betting industry. On the other hand, professional sports are coming back. Thus, the evolution of the online gambling industry continues even during the pandemic.

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