Fans Return to New Zealand Stadiums after Country Declared Virus-Free

Fans Return to New Zealand Stadiums after Country Declared Virus-Free

After the country declared it is free from the coronavirus, fans return to New Zealand stadiums. New Zealand became one of the first countries worldwide to bring back crowds into a packed stadium.

The country handled the coronavirus pandemic remarkably. Thus, residents get to enjoy the perks of not having to worry about contracting the virus. The rugby match is a vital milestone in the world of sports.

After a strict lockdown, New Zealand didn’t report any new cases of infection for more than three weeks. Also, health officials said that all those who contracted the coronavirus already recovered. Thus, the country removed all restrictions related to the virus. However, it will keep its border closed for now.

Fans Return to New Zealand Stadiums

Fans Return to New Zealand Stadiums after Country Declared Virus-FreeDuring the rugby match between the Chiefs and the hometown team Highlanders, the government didn’t require social distancing or masks. According to the best bookie software report, there were more than 20,000 people who watched the game last Saturday.

A sports betting platform provider reported a massive crowd during the game. It was the first large gathering in the country, and it will not be the last. Sports minister Grant Robertson said that the hard work of 5 million residents paid off.

Robertson told a pay per head blog that there’s something special about watching the game live. Being in the arena is a different experience than watching the game at home. Also, fans enjoyed being in the presence of other people.

An online marketing company learned that even non-rugby fans flocked to the stadium. They used the opportunity to socialize with other people. Sports officials were happy with the results. They said that sports are an integral part of the country’s DNA.

The players knew people were watching. It is a different feeling compared to playing in an empty stadium. As the final buzzer sounded, the Highlanders managed to sneak in and win the game by one, 28-27.