British Sports Events Will Resume on Monday

British Sports Events Will Resume on Monday

British sports events will resume starting Monday, June 1. However, organizers need to comply with the coronavirus protocols of the government. The government published several guidelines for sports bodies on Saturday as it prepares to ease lockdown restrictions.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that the long wait for sports is over. Live British games will take place in controlled environments. As a result, the Premier League can begin its season on June 17.

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, said that there are many tasks to do to ensure the safety of people involved in the games. Football is not the only sport to be making a comeback soon. Formula One is planning two races in Silverstone. Also, the English cricket organization is planning a series against Pakistan and West Indies.

British Sports Events Will Resume Soon

British Sports Events Will Resume on MondayOn June 1, snooker, greyhound racing, and horse racing will make their returns. Based on the best sportsbook pay per head reports, the horse racing industry employs thousands of people. The lack of races since March 17 has left many workers suffering from financial problems.

The lockdown has been harsh for the sports industry. It will take some time for the industry to recover. Sports officials are trying their best to come up with the best plans to create the safest environment for everyone.

A sportsbook pay per head blog learned that athletes and staff members need to travel to venues individually or by private transport. Also, the medical staff will be on hand to screen people before they enter the site.

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