Pansy Ho will Inherit a Gambling Empire

Pansy Ho will Inherit a Gambling Empire

Pansy Ho will Inherit a Gambling Empire but it will be a ChallengeEarlier this week, an announcement was made about billionaire Stanley Ho dying in his sleep at the age of 98. However, Stanley Ho was not just a billionaire, he was also the man responsible for turning Macau into a gambling hub. Thus, his daughter, Pansy Ho will Inherit a Gambling Empire left behind by her father.

At the age of 57, Pansy Ho is the second older daughter from Stanley Ho’s second wife.  She was the one chosen to make the announcement about Stanley Ho’s death two days ago. In addition, during the announcement, the main people of the Ho family were there to show a message of unity.

Therefore, Ho who is a former socialite, will inherit the gambling empire from her father.  Furthermore, she is already the co-chairman of MGM China Holding Ltd and chairman of one of Macau’s biggest conglomerate. Digital Casino Software companies believe that she has been in line to succeed her father for many years.

Pansy Ho will Inherit a Gambling Empire but a Challenge

According to Pay Per Head providers, Ho will be facing many challenges as she takes over her father’s billion-dollar empire. The main reason is because she must now unite the interests of her family’s $15 billion fortune. This is not an easy task as it will involve rejuvenating their casino franchise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, her position as the head of the Ho family is on a delicate balance of power. Thus, she will need to plan carefully as she goes forward as the head of her father’s gambling empire. Bookie Pay Per Head News websites expect Pansy Ho to consolidate and control the Ho’s family network of businesses.

The first step was taken last year when she became in control of the family’s core casino, SJM Holdings Ltd. In addition, none of her siblings or surviving wives are contesting her position. However, some gambling analysts and investors believe there is still a chance for internal tension.

Even if she succeeds in controlling her family’s 20 casinos and other business venture, she still faces many challenges. This is because her casinos are already losing market shares from other more aggressive gambling operators during the pandemic.

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