Still Not Safe for US Sports Comeback

Still Not Safe for US Sports Comeback

Many fans are eagerly waiting for US sports comeback. German league Bundesliga came back last weekend, and the Korean Baseball Organization League started its season a couple of weeks ago. However, health experts stated that it is still unsafe for sports to return to the United States.

Germany and South Korea can enjoy their sports, even if there they are playing in empty stadiums. However, it can’t happen in the US. The two countries handled the pandemic much better than the US.

Despite the recommendations from health experts, golf and NASCAR held events during the weekend. Officials from different states are willing to work with sports leagues to come back. Even the governor of New York is trying to come up with a plan for sports leagues’ return. New York was one of the hardest-hit states by the coronavirus.

Not Safe for US Sports Comeback

Still Not Safe for US Sports ComebackMajor League Baseball developed a safety plan. However, it didn’t guarantee the safety of everyone, including older coaches, staff, and immune-compromised players. The MLB is still trying to reach a compromise with the players union regarding the plan, according to

The federal government doesn’t have a concrete plan on how to tame the pandemic. Also, it is too early to determine how the reopening will affect states such as Florida, Colorado, and Georgia, according to PayPerHead reports.

Sports leagues are listening to President Donald Trump and the governors. Even though many sports insiders have pointed out potential problems with the return of US sports, some stakeholders suggested waiting until things are safe.

However, professional sports leagues can’t afford to wait any longer. According to a pay per head blog, major sports associations are likely to return as governors open their states. They will gamble with the safety of their stakeholders for profit. Also, sports fans will still watch the games. However, it is better to watch them on TV instead of crowding the stadiums with thousands of people in attendance.