Sports Fans Watch the Bundesliga Opening on TV

Sports Fans Watch the Bundesliga Opening on TV

After months of no live football on TV, sports fans were thrilled about the Bundesliga opening in Germany. It is the first major league to resume its play during the pandemic. During the opening day, organizers scheduled five games held in empty stadiums.

The opening of the Bundesliga is a morale-boosting moment for sports fans, TV owners, politicians, and administrators. It is a significant step towards normalcy. However, there’s nothing ordinary about the games.

The Borussia Dortmund vs. Schalke 04 match played in an empty Westfalenstadion. Also, substitutes sat two meters apart with face masks. The only cheers you can hear in the arena are from the players.

Bundesliga Opening Day

Sports Fans Watch the Bundesliga Opening on TVTo make up for the missing fans in the stands, the stadium played music and recorded cheers after every goal. A sports betting platform expert compared it to a bar without beer or club without music.

Full stadiums add to the ambiance of the game. However, people should accept the new norm to prevent coronavirus from spreading. According to a bookie pay per head blog, this will be the norm until someone creates a vaccine for the coronavirus.

German fans are complaining that the Bundesliga should not hold games without fans in the stadiums. On the other hand, TV companies are scrambling to get football back on the air because they already paid for the airing rights. Online bookie software providers are happy that players now have live sports to bet on.

Since the start of the lockdown, sports fans found several ways to spend their time. Even obscure sports become entertaining because they are a few options available. It is good news for sports fans that sports are coming back slowly – from football in Germany to baseball in South Korea. More leagues will resume their matches soon.