how esports betting works

Sports Betting Guide: How Esports Betting Works

how esports betting worksOur PricePerPlayer blog has been getting a lot of inquiries about esports betting these days. Perhaps it’s the lack of live sports to bet on, but the esports industry has been getting a lot of attention and action over the past few years. The now billion-dollar esports betting industry is truly something you can participate in, and win money on. But how exactly does esports betting work?

Basically, esports refers to competitive video gaming. Anyone can become a professional gamer- but it takes a lot of experience and practice, just like any athlete. There are quite a lot of professional gamers who earn a lot of money by competing in various tournaments around the world. And understanding bookies and their goal of bringing great gambling options to their players, esports betting is one way they can generate a lot of profit. Especially when almost the whole world is stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. You see, esports tournaments can go on safely, since the games are done online.

How Esports Betting Works

The most popular esports games people compete and bet on are a mix of sports and popular video console games. You have titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Halo, League of Legends. FIFA, CS:GO, among others. As a bettor, you do not need to know all of these games- you can just pick one or two, and focus your attention to them.

Likewise, you do not need to place wagers on all of the tournaments, especially if you are new. Generally, you can go for the most popular, and the biggest tournaments, like the Call of Duty Championship, the eGames, Major League Gaming, the LoL Championships, and more.

The Wagers

how esports betting worksThe closest wager to sports betting you can make in esports betting is by betting on real money. You can place wagers on game and player outcomes, tournament winners, and so on. Other wagers you can make on esports betting are skin betting, or item betting, which is popular for esports fans and players. You also have social betting, which can vary in terms of the wagers, and fantasy betting, which is similar to fantasy sports.

The key, is to know how to make money from this. Your sportsbook software, if they offer esports betting, will show you all the betting options with the best odds available. The beasics of betting will still follow, with some nuances that may affect your outcome. For instance, changes in players, or rosters, has a bigger effect on the outcome of a game in esports, compared to traditional sports games. You also have rankings, so when a player reaches a certain rank, it moves up or down in a tournament, which means the lineup will totally change. In some ways, this is comparable to boxing, where you have levels that are based on something. For boxing, its weight, but for esports, its skill based.

And as with any form of betting, constant study and exposure will give you an idea of how esports betting work. Pretty soon, you will learn the pace of esports betting. When that day comes, you will find it easy to bet and win big.

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