Election Lines

Pay Per Head Update on Election Lines

Elections are always popular with bookies, and not just because of the actual election itself. A lot of betting software contains election lines for popular countries like the US. People get to place bets on who they think will win – from the state level, up to the President, and of course, political party. And since there are so few sports events happening during the pandemic, bookies are getting more action on votes on the primaries, as well as the upcoming election. Let’s take a look at the current election lines for US election betting.

Election Lines: Trump Still Leads as Favorite

Election LinesLooking at the US Presidential elections, Donald Trump is still the top favorite in many a pay per head software sportsbook. This is despite all the negative attention he is getting for mismanaging the Covid-19 pandemic in the US. Even after he gained the ire of other world leaders as he pulled out of the World Health Organization (WHO).  However, the President is still maintaining his vote base.

Most pay per head blog owners will tell you to keep track of the news always so know if a trend will maintain or stay the same. And from what experts see, the President may still be a favorite for re-election. Bookies are reporting of a 4/5 price on Trump’s election odds. Democratic probable candidate, Joe Biden, is at 5/4.

With the shift in the odds in the past few days, it reflects his status as a favorite so far. The polls, however, are saying different. Biden is actually doing better in the polls right now. The Democrats are, after all, gearing up to reclaim the White House. The difference of polls and bookie may be due to Trump’s own election back in 2016. Trump was the underdog, with Hillary Clinton as the favorite to win the election. Trump’s loss was a big hit for a lot of sportsbooks, with Paddy Power losing as much as £5 million.