Online Gambling is Up in Australia by Two-Thirds

Online Gambling is Up in Australia by Two-Thirds

Online Gambling is Up in Australia by Two-ThirdsDespite sports betting being in jeopardy because of the coronavirus, its not all bad news for the gambling industry.  This is because the online gambling industry is doing quite well around the world as gamblers are stuck at home. Furthermore, Online Gambling is up in Australia showing an increase by 67% this past week.

According to a news article by the Sydney Morning Herald, the consumption patterns of Australians is up by almost two-third. According to the article, this data comes from analytics consultancy AlphaBeta and credit firm Illion. Thus, consumers are spending more on internet gambling as well as 33% more on alcohol and tobacco products.

Thus, this is a source of concerns in Australia and around the world.  This is because it shows a significant increase in products and servers that can cause harm. However, the Best Pay Per Head Bookie websites believe otherwise.  According to them, the increase in online gambling is slight in comparison to the losses by traditional sportsbooks. Therefore, it is not an increase in gamblers but rather them switching to different gambling venues.

Sportsbooks and Gambling Industry Barely Hanging On

No sporting events and casino closures upon further notice means no revenue coming for hundreds of gambling venues. In addition, even online sportsbooks are having a difficult time.  Even though they remain open, their customers do not have a lot to bet on.

However, this has led to an increase in online eSports Betting, political bets and many offbeat gambling options. In fact, according to several Bookie Pay Per Head Blogs, eSports Betting is on the rise.  At the beginning, eSport events were in cancellation mode but now, they are back online.  This is thanks to the whole gameplay being available online and live streaming of the events.

Racing sports simulations are also becoming a popular option to bet on. In fact, there is currently an IndyCar esports race with actual racers participating in it. Even though the wagering on the race is small, it is still a lifeline for many sportsbooks.

In addition, sportsbooks that are doing best are the ones that also offer online casinos. According to How to Be a Bookie Agent services, many bookies are switching to PPH providers that offer internet casinos.

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