Italy Sports Minister Extends Ban on Events

Italy Sports Minister Extends Ban on Events

The Italy sports minister is planning to extend the ban on competitions and games in the country until the end of April. The present nationwide lockdown will expire on Friday. However, Italian health experts told betting software development experts that they still need time to contain the coronavirus.

According to health experts, they will need a couple of weeks to contain the virus entirely. Vincenzo Spadafora, the Italian sports minister, said that restarting the Serie A on May 3 is impossible.

He said that he would propose an extension on the ban on sports events at every level for the rest of April. Also, he will extend the order to training. In the past, the sports ministry didn’t stop the practice because some athletes were training for the Olympics.

Italy Sports Minister on Training and Competition

Italy Sports Minister Extends Ban on EventsSome Italian clubs, such as Napoli and Lazio, wanted to start their training this week. At present, at least 15 Serie A players have COVID-19. Also, there are almost 100,000 positive cases in the country, which surpassed China’s total.

Spadafora hoped Serie A officials would cooperate with the ministry. Most big clubs live in their own bubble that they don’t understand that nothing will be the same after the health crisis. On Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo, his teammates in Juventus, and their coach agreed to forego their salaries to help the club during the coronavirus pandemic. Their total wages were $100 million.

Spadafora said that the ministry allocated $450 million for the recovery efforts of amateur sports associations. However, some associations require more to survive during the health crisis.

In neighboring Spain, La Liga raised $740,000 to fund the fight against the coronavirus. Also, they hope the money will help musicians and athletes in the country. The amount was the result of the four-hour online global music festival organized by La Liga.

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