No Online Sports Betting for New York

No Online Sports Betting for New York

No Online Sports Betting for New YorkThe coronavirus is not stopping the New York Governor, Andres Cuomo from being against legalizing mobile sports betting. This is because despite being busy dealing with the COVID-19 virus, he is still working the state budget.  Unfortunately for fans of sports betting, this include legalizing online sports betting.  Thus, No online Sports Betting for New York as it did not make the cut in the state budget.

According gambling news websites, New York lawmakers were hoping to convince Cuomo to include online sports wagering in the budget.  In addition, there reason for including it was to address the $6 billion budget deficit in New York.

They thought that by legalizing online sports betting, it would bring more money to the state and help the state costs of fighting the coronavirus.  This is because less tax revenue will be coming this year as the virus has shut down the New York economy. However, Cuomo is not a fan of sports betting and their hope were slim from the start.

No Online Sports Betting for New York in its Budget

Every mid-March, the New York legislature gets together to propose a budget proposal to have a budget ready for April. According, to sportsbook software companies, Addabbo and Assemblyman Pretlow thought they could convince Cuomo to include it in the budget. However, they got a firm “no” from the governor of New York.

This is a surprise to opponents who believe legal online sports wagering is a ready-made solution for the budget problem. Especially since it would give the state “revenue before the virus crisis”.

Unfortunately, this is another blow to the gambling industry which is already hurting because of the coronavirus. They were hoping that online sports betting would save the gambling industry or at least help it.

Addabbo believes that online sports betting is not a matter of if but a matter of when.

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