NFL betting

The NFL is the Top Sport of the US Bookie

NFL bettingWe’re taking a look at data on sports betting in the US last 2019, and it is truly clear that the NFL is the top sport of the US bookie. The US has a betting handle of $13 billion for 2019. This huge number is actually twice than what bookie software operators saw in 2018, which was $6.6 billion.

In fact, a lot of people who create a sportsbook website actually start with football, as it is sure crowd favorite, regardless of what state you are in. And 2019 is the first full calendar year that sports betting is legal in the US (following the PASPA repeal in 2018), so the handle for the previous year was understandably larger than 2018.

NFL is the Top Sport

The NFL is the top sport that people bet on in the US for 2019, and looks like it is the 4th most popular sport on an international level as well. In fact, 25% of the turnover on NFL games happen during halftime, which is much more than second place NBA at 14%, and even the English Premier League at 10%. People who bet on the NFL also bet more on halftime than any other sport.

This shows a huge potential in betting on the NFL. When you learn how to be a bookie, you look for features that allow your players to place any wager they want to. And with the right sportsbook, people can bet on standard wagers for the NFL, props, futures, and even live in-game betting. Likewise, this also means high viewership for the NFL as bettors tend to watch the whole game instead of just waiting for the outcome of the game.

The numbers from the Kambi Study also says that 40% of first-time sports bettors also place wagers on the NFL (MLB is the second at 16%). So if you are looking to expand your sportsbook, then the NFL is a great way to get new players to join your sportsbook.