The NFL is Looking for a Sports Betting Vice PresidentThe sports betting landscape has been changing radically in the U.S. for the last couple of years. In fact, 13 states have legal sports wagering available while another 6 will have it available this year. Therefore, it is only natural that many sports leagues are also becoming in favor of sports betting. Thus, it is not that the NFL is Looking for a Sports Betting Vice President to oversee their betting initiatives.

The NFL has always had an anti-gambling philosophy throughout its history.  However, once sports betting became legal in the U.S., they had not choice but to adapt to this change. According to the sportsbook software industry, the NFL is looking for a VP that will specialize in sports betting.

The perfect candidate will have several responsibilities that will deal directly and indirectly with the sports betting industry. The main responsibilities will include:

  • Continuing to protect the integrity of the game
  • Advancing the NFL’s brand and reputation
  • Driving fan engagement globally
  • Growing the value of NFL’s data & IP

Being Proactive to Profit and Protect the Integrity of the Game

Betting on the NFL is a huge and profitable business all over the world.  Furthermore, it is not anything new as people have been betting on the NFL for a very long time. The only difference today is that there are now more legal sports betting options for Americans.

In fact, the Nevada Gaming Control Board said that Nevada took in $154,679,241 in Super Bowl LIV bets this year. Since that was in Nevada alone, just imagine how the rest of the U.S. and the world did. Thus, the NFL wants to stay on top of the situation.  Therefore, the NFL is Looking for a Sports Betting Vice President to take manage their interest in the gambling industry.

In addition, the NFL Sports Betting VP will report to the NFL Chief strategy and growth officer, Christopher Halpin. In short, the position will basically by the face of the NFL for any sports betting matters.

For those who are thinking about becoming a bookie, then this new position will be very helpful.  This is because they will not have a more direct contact with any NFL betting deals.

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