Super Bowl Sportsbook Facts – Look at the Numbers

Super Bowl Sportsbook Facts – Look at the Numbers

Sports betting and the Super Bowl go hand in hand. With the popularity of sports wagering in the US, the sportsbook pay per head industry expects the total handles to be around $7 billion. That is one of the Super Bowl sportsbook facts that you should consider before the game starts on Sunday.

According to a live betting software poll, more than 26 million adults in the US are planning to bet on the game. That means one out of every ten adult Americans. Also, experts expect them to wager $6.8 billion on Sunday’s match between the 49ers and the Chiefs.

Among the players, five million will use an online sportsbook. The US sports betting industry grew significantly in the past year. At present, around half a dozen states offer online betting. That was an increase of 19 percent from the previous year.

Super Bowl Sportsbook Facts

Super Bowl Sportsbook Facts – Look at the NumbersDespite legal retail and online options available, many players will get in on the action through unlicensed bookies. Around 1.8 million adults in the US will place their bets using an illegal offshore sportsbook, which is a 19 percent increase from last year.

The increase in sports betting activities affected the NFL. The league supports legal sports betting, as seen with its partnerships with several gambling firms. Also, the growth of betting actions during the Super Bowl will bring new revenue streams.

Improved fan engagement is another effect of sports betting on the NFL. Fifty-two percent of fans are betting on the Chiefs to win the championship on Sunday. Also, players are betting on different prop bets that include how many songs Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will sing.

Based on the bookie guide to the NFL, football fans are excited about the Super Bowl. Whether you root for San Francisco or Kansas City, you can expect excellent performance from the two teams on Sunday.