Nevada Sports Betting

Nevada Bookies Hit $5.3 Billion Sports Betting Handle Record for 2019

2019 was a good year for the regulated sports betting market in the US. Nevada, of course, remains to be the market leader in gambling, specifically in sports betting, and its 2019 numbers are getting better each year. If anything, the $5.3 billion sports betting handle should inspire you to find out how to be a bookie from home and run your very own sportsbook.

Nevada Sports Betting Handle

Nevada Sports BettingThe total sports betting handle for December 2019 is $571.1 million. The robust numbers helped boost the total handle for the year at $5.3 billion, which is 6% higher than the $5 billion handle of 2018. As for the year-on-year data, we see a 1.6% increase in total handle for December. From 2018, the total handle is $562.108 million, while December 2019’s total handle is $571.088 million.

If you know how a sportsbook pay per head work, then you can easily see how the numbers show a steady stream of betting action that still increases. This is not exclusive to Nevada- other betting markets across the country are also showing increase in both handle and revenue in their local betting industries.

Sports Betting Industry for 2020

The state that is closest to Nevada’s numbers is New Jersey. New Jersey holds the interest of a lot of experts who post in their bookie pay per head blog about something interesting about New Jersey and its local bettors. New Jersey’s mode of wagering has drastically shifted from retail to online sports betting. This means that online sportsbooks have an even higher chance of widening their customer base and increasing profits in 2020.

And it will be a good start for the year, if Nevada’s data is a good sign of things to come. Football dominated the betting market in December at $341.4 million. This is about 60% of the total betting action. Basketball comes in second at $171.6 million. And since January will cover the postseason of the NFL, with the Super Bowl on February, then the betting handle for the next few months will be higher than the previous year.