2020 Pro Bowl

2020 Pro Bowl Sportsbook Odds

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 11:49 pm

Much of the sportsbook pay per head industry caters to bookies who get a lot of action in football. Both the NFL and NCAA football are the top sports leagues that people bet on in the US. And, as football fans know, the Super Bowl will be on February 2. Of course, sports bettors are already busy hitting their favorite bookie’s PPH Sportsbook for Super Bowl odds. But before the Super Bowl, a tiny lull between the final game of the season and the conference finals, lies the Pro Bowl. With the top football stars from each conference suiting up, all bets are off on this game. Let’s take a look at the 2020 Pro Bowl odds and predictions.

2020 Pro Bowl Odds

2020 Pro BowlSo far, the spread of NFC is +1.5 (-110)m while their moneyline is at an EVEN, and totals at over 49.5. Meanwhile, the AFC is a favorite at the spread at -1.5, with the moneyline at -120. As for totals, they are under at 49.5. Of course, the odds can still change any day between these odds being posted and the game itself on Monday. But with the best sportsbook for agents, it will not be hard to adjust lines at all. In fact, the best bookie software in the market will reflect any line changes in real time.

Looking at previous Pro Bowls, in the last three years, the average score is 37.7 points per game. But earlier than that, most games see a score of at least 50. This happened until 2015. As for the upcoming Pro Bowl, there are a couple of rule changes that bettors will have to look at. Football analysts expect that these changes could bring about an increase in scoring.

As for current rosters, well, you are looking at the best of the best in both conferences. Quality and skill are not the issue here. The AFC will have Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Ryan Tannehill as quarterbacks. On the other side, the NFC will have Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, and Drew Brees as their QBs. Looking at their running backs and receivers, any sports fan will see that there are a lot of new names here. This means that this could lead to a better gambling experience as the outcome of this game will be a bit harder to predict than usual.